[Insights Article] Hong Kong’s CIES Scheme Creates New Wealth Management Opportunities

Since the Hong Kong Government’s official launch in March, the new Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES) has recorded double-digit applications and over 1,600 enquiries as of early April as part of its drive to enhance the city’s diversity of skilled individuals and draw in new investment. The scheme is designed to attract new asset owners and their family to settle in Hong Kong, obtain local residency, and discover the city’s enormous opportunities for investment and wealth management.

[Insights Article] More work still required to strengthen the family office ecosystem in Hong Kong

Family office businesses are becoming an important component of the financial services industry in Hong Kong, not just because of the huge business potential offered to a wide range of professionals, but also because the growing number of family offices operating in Hong Kong showcases the city’s strengths as an international finance and wealth management hub.

[新聞稿] Lioner在中國拓展客戶諮詢服務

金融服務先驅Lioner International Group Ltd. (「Lioner」) 今天宣布成立北京分公司,在中國提供家族辦公室諮詢服務。該分公司將與香港和新加坡辦事處協作,為高凈值(high-net-worth)客戶提供獨有的三合一保險、信託和家族辦公室諮詢服務,成就整個亞太地區實現更大的協同效應。新公司的成立展現了集團對中國經濟長期增長和在全球經濟上持續擔任重要角色的展望和信心。有別於香港和新加坡分公司,Lioner北京分公司在中國不會以經紀人身份營運,而將專注於為高端客戶提供中國目前需求甚殷的家族辦公室諮詢服務。